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After taking a good seem at the map, we had the surprising exposure that he indeed wasn’t singing about West Virginia. No Blue Ridge Mountains NOR Shenandoah River. As it turns out, both of these natural beauties appear in. WESTERN Virginia is still an attractive place.
Charleston is a pretty small and beautiful town in central West Virginia. We traveled through Morgantown and stopped at West Virginia University, and we took some beautiful photos, and then understand that there was nothing to do in town. WVU (West Virginia University) was pretty much it.
There people were really beautiful and they were pretty obvious, we were not locals, however they were very friendly and inviting just the same. We had a great time!


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Virginia’s rank as destinations for those who adore the arts and want to get a unique heighten in this spring with the launch of Minds Wide Open: Virginia Celebrates Women in the Arts, a statewide celebration of music, dance, and theater, literary and visual arts.

The first statewide initiative of its kind, Minds Wide Open focal point on plays, step design, compositions, paintings, photography or movies created by women or featuring women as the most important focus. More than 5,000 presentations and exhibitions will take place at venues throughout the Commonwealth from March through June 2010.

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The Natural Bridge Virginia has a beautiful natural rock structure in the shape of a short arched bridge. The Natural Bridge in Virginia was once owned by Thomas Jefferson, and was initialed by George Washington.

The visit of Natural Bridge Virginia in night lighting, view an inspiring part of engineering. Before you start out to see other bridges in Virginia, stop by the Natural Bridge Virginia Wax Museum. The Natural Bridge Wax Museum features scenes of Virginia and Natural Bridge history where the curtain opens on George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and the Confederacy, all perched on narrated sets.

Haunted Victorian Manor is also most tourists’ destination. It was built approximately 1870 and was used as a hunting small house and summer mountain retreat until the early 1970s, when the Inn was closed. You can also stop by the nearby Haunted Victorian Manor and visit the Professor Cline’s Haunted Monster Museum, set in a stone house originally called the Stonewall Inn.

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