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If you want to spend unforgettable wild times in Virginia so pack a picnic, sunscreen, a few bottles of water, and you’re well on your way to a happy day in Virginia Safari Park!

The Virginia Safari Park in Natural Bridge is an ideal destination for day out and must to do during Virginia tour. The on-site is a giraffe feeding station, where you can get eye to eye with those big beauties views.


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We are all aware about the rising popularity of medical tourism. Also referred to as global healthcare, the phenomenon receives quite a propelling from international budget travel industry. With overseas journeys becoming highly accessible and really affordable, there’s not stopping the medical tourist. Helping the same cause, many online travel portals have special packages for those traveling to medical tourism hubs. These include cheap airline tickets, exclusive international flights for less, discounted airfares in any season, and much more. You may even choose to make a hotel reservation through the online travel shops. Just pick from several of the cheap hotel accommodation listings that suit your taste and budget. It’s high time you got rid of that ageing face, received quality treatment for your illness or went in for a total body wellness, you deserve every bit of it. When there’s everything aiding you to take that step, why not?

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Every year people search through internet for the top vacation destinations and often they will contact with travel agencies to find out about the best packages available and the discounts they can get on special times of the year. In the top of best vacation destinations we can thus find luxury resorts, romantic destinations, beautiful-looking beaches or family travel destinations. The Internet allows the fastest access to information about each of these, and with a few clicks you will get all the information as you require.

The search for the finest vacation destinations is frequently too wide and you won’t be able to make out the most suitable destinations for your needs and budget. It’s time you well-read how to narrow down the search based on the criteria that most interests you. You can try to find out about the best vacation destinations in the US, the most romantic honeymoon destinations, the best offers for tropical vacations or the best ideas for traveling with your family.

In case you look for a destination where to practice a favorite destination, you have one other thing to take into thought when shopping for the precise travel package. Golfers will look for the best courses, surfers would like to know when and where they can find the best swell and skiers will choose snowy mountain slopes that allow them to have fun in full summertime. If you discuss your hobby with the travel agent, he/she will know what recommendations to make.

Once the best vacation spot have been identified for you and your family, you can move on and start gathering data on the packages available, the hotels, the flights and the likely discounts you can get. Every search for good vacation packages will show you that sun-soaked regions enjoy the best popularity. Yet, many such travel destinations are out of the average holiday maker’s reach because of the high expenses.

If you need to make your budget a priority, then, stick to it and see what you can get for your money. Considerable savings can be made because of the purchase of an all inclusive package, but it may not always be in one of best vacations spots. Any travel agent will be able to help you with a comparison between all inclusive and non included services, so that you can get an idea about what advantages are to be enjoyed.

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When we talk to family travelers about our experiences in Central America, the main question I get is, “Is it safe?” and we reply on behalf of our Costa Rica tours, we always answer with a resounding “Yes!”. It is a great place for families to experience true adventure!

Costa Rica’s motto is “Pura Vida”, or Pure Life, and the most important sightseeing draw is their natural surroundings. The country’s huge effort in protection has paid off with tourists coming from all over the world. And in an effort to accommodate the travelers Costa Rica has created all collections of electrifying ways to immerse in nature. So, families are sure to have fun. We’ve listed out top family nature activities to help you get started in planning your own Costa Rica adventure.

1. Zip-Line

Who can resist the enormous adrenaline kick experienced as you zip quickly over the top of the rainforest canopy? And, although you are not probable to see lots of animals as you plummet past the tree tops, the platforms in between each gravity defying line make outstanding animal spotting posts. We truly did two zip lines because the kids loved it very much. The first was just outside the well-known Monte Verde Cloud Forest Reserve with Selvatura and the second was on the Pacific Coast with Montezuma Canopy Tour.

2. River Rafting

Another heart-pumping activity that gives visitors to Costa Rica a real sense of adventure, however with this one your chances of actually spotting wildlife are significantly improved. We selected a Safari Float down the Rio Penas Blancas with Desafio Adventure Company.

3. Arenal Volcano

If you really like to catch a feel for the power of nature, you have to try out this very active volcano! We stayed at Arenal Observatory Lodge and all night we could here the boom of the huge explosions reverberating off our hotel walls and flickering glow of molten hot rocks and lava as they tumbled down the side of the mountain…very cool! However, don’t worry; the lodge is on a ridge above the lava flow, so you’re fully safe. We do have to admit that spent the night with one eye open.

Those are our top three, although we know that Costa Rica has largest variety of other offers that families looking for a little adventure.

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It’s amazing thing that what people can make when they set their minds and hearts into it. The pictures that you see under were born out of nothing however dreams and goals, and took shape all through years, every so often decades of hard labor work. They may perhaps not be as well-liked as other American monuments however these architectural masterworks are testimony that everything is possible.

1. Mystery Castle – Phoenix, Arizona

The history of Mystery Castle, an exclusive structure to be found at the foothills of South Mountain Park, began in the early 1940s, when Boyce Luther Gulley decided to fulfill his daughter’s wish of living in a real-life castle. He began gathering cheap and discarded materials like stone, car parts and adobe to build his little Mary Lou the home she always dreamed of.


Gulley was suffering from tuberculosis and died in 1945, but his legacy lives on in the 18-room Mystery Castle he built in his final years. Mary Lou and her mother moved in right away and their amazing story was featured in a 1948 issue of Life Magazine. The now not-so-young girl still lives in her Mystery Castle and conducts tours for the thousands of tourists that visit every year.

2. Ruble Castle – Glendora, California


Often referred to as Rubelia, Rubel Castle is considered one of the first recycling projects in America. It all started in 1959, when Michael Clarke Rubel bought a large citrus orchard in Glendora, California. As his mother always threw extravagant parties for her high society friends, Rubel decided to build himself a haven away from the party noise. The house he created from hundreds of empty champagne bottles was just the beginning of a project that lasted twenty years.

With the help of some friends Michael Ruble constructed his giant Rubel Castle around an old water tower, using any material he could salvage. The thousands-of-square-feet structure contains rocks, cement, wine bottles, motorcycle parts, toasters and other bizarre building materials. Like any respectable castle, it received visits from important royalty like Prince Phillip (husband of Queen Elizabeth II) and other important guests like Henry Kissinger.


3. Watts Towers – Los Angeles

Located in the Watts district of Los Angeles, Watts Towers is a collection of 17 towers built by Sabato “Simon” Rodia, over a period of 33 years. Rodia, an Italian immigrant with a background in construction work, used steel pipes as skeleton for his art pieces and decorated them with broken glass, seashells, pottery and ceramic tiles. Neighborhood children would often bring the artists all sorts of found stuff, hoping he would use it in his project.

Unfortunately Simon Rodia didn’t get along too well with some of his neighbors and some of them permitted their children to vandalize his art. Tired of all the abuse, the Italian construction worker turned architect left Los Angeles, never to return again. In danger of being demolished at one point, the international fame of the Watts Towers turned them into one of LA’s tourist attractions and a National Historic Landmark and all because Simon Rodia “had in mind to do something big”.

4. The Heidelberg Project – Detroit


The Heidelberg Project, a world famous outdoor art display, began when Tyree Guyton returned from the Army, only to find his Detroit neighborhood devastated by urban riots. He decided to change his home from a place where people were afraid to walk on streets into something they would be proud of. He started painting several houses on Heidelberg Street in bright colors and attaching salvaged items to them.


Guyton’s dream was to make the Heidelberg Project Detroit’s first outdoor and indoor museum. Created in 1986, it was nearly demolished by local authorities, but Tyree Guyton launched a lawsuit against the city of Detroit and earned his project the status of “outdoor art environment”. Nowadays, over 275,000 tourists visit the Heidelberg Project every year.


5. The Grotto of the Redemption – West Bend, Iowa


Believed to be the largest grotto in the world, as well as the world’s most complete man-made collection of minerals, fossils, shells and petrifications in one place, the Grotto of the redemption is one man’s monument to divinity. Father Paul Dobbersein was a German immigrant who, at one point, suffered from critical pneumonia. He prayed to the Virgin Mary and promised to build a shrine in her honor, if she would save his life. Dobberstein miraculously recovered and started working on the Grotto of the Redemption.

The faithful priest began his work in 1912 and spent the next 42 years expanding and perfecting his shrine. Because he couldn’t find any crystals or semi-precious stones in West Bend, he often traveled to neighboring areas gathering materials to use as decorations for his religious monument. At the time of Dobberstein’s death, in 1954, the Grotto of the Redemption was the size of a city block and it’s still expanding today. Experts estimate the amounts of crystals and semi-precious stones used in the Grotto are worth over $4.3 million dollars.

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