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Chihuahuan Desert

It is the third-largest desert in the Western Hemisphere, the Chihuahuan Desert mainly consists of basins broken down by numerous mountain ranges. Numerous of its larger mountain ranges include the Sierra Madre, the Sacramento Mountains and the Guadalupe Mountains, all of which are great for visiting.

Colorado Desert

Colorado Desert has attractive landscapes; some of the best attractions are its natural resources. Picacho State Recreation (area on the Arizona border, operated by the state Department of Parks and Recreation, offers boat rides on the Colorado River

Mojave Desert

The Mojave Desert is home to mountain variety, valleys, endoheic basins, salt pans and seasonal saline lakes, making it a land of huge contrasts and vivid sceneries. Spring is a best time to visit, at this time wildflowers come out and create a blanket of color over the desert plains.


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